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Key Consultants' current major clients include:

McCain Foods (GB) Ltd

We are working at many different levels within McCain. Current initiatives are:

• The design and delivery of a 12 month Senior Management Development Programme covering aspects of visionary leadership. This programme incorporates Action Learning Groups as parallel to the training each individual is involved in a project that enables the workshop content to be applied to an ongoing business initiative.

• The design and delivery of both Middle Management and Junior Management Programmes.

• The design and delivery of a Graduate Development Programme covering aspects of the managerial role.

• The design and delivery of a Chargehand Development Programme covering essential supervisory skills.

• Various specific initiatives for the enhancement of team working and change management, a recent example being a workshop that was run in Moscow for the local team.

• The administration and feedback of a customised 360 degree feedback process for individuals and teams. 360 degree feedback is an integral part of the Middle and Senior Management Development Programmes.

• The provision of a series of ‘open’ courses and distance learning materials


SAS Ground Services Ltd

‘Fundamentals for Managing’ workshop for Operational Team Leaders and Supervisors cross the UK.

Train the Trainer workshops for the large team of technical trainers enhancing their relationship, creativity and coaching skills.

Design and running of a programme comprising 2 x two day workshops for 168 leaders and managers with participants from across the World. We also ran the programme in Bangkok and Sweden.


Scandinavian Airlines

A series of workshops for the development of Sales Skills.

We also worked with SAS on developing and delivering a variety of workshops covering Management skills, Customer Care, Assertiveness, Teambuilding, Train the Trainer and Project Management.


Faversham House Group

We recently ran workshops on Enhancing Interviewing Skills.

We also ran a series of workshops on Appraisal Skills for both Appraisers and Appraisees and an extensive Management Development Programme with specifically designed Distance Learning Material.

Activities to support and enhance Sales Conferences, promoting teamwork, change and other conference themes.


We recently completed a programme of 5 workshops for the Sales Team covering Key Sales Skills, Consultative Selling, Key Account Management and Negotiating.


Pizza Express

We recently worked with a senior team within the group facilitating the clarification of their Vision and Strategic Planning process.


Past Projects have included:


South African Airways

We designed and ran training events in:

• Management and Leadership Development

• Presentation Skills

• Customer Contact Skills

• ‘Excellence on the Telephone’.

• Writing Skills

• Management Skills

• Negotiating Skills. This was a challenging event with 36 multi lingual delegates with role plays being conducted in French, Dutch, German and English.

• Telephone Sales

Cumbria Contract Services

We designed and delivered a Management Development Programme for 120 Leaders and Managers commencing with the Board and cascading through all management levels. This project spanned 18 months.

Surrey Police

The design and running of training events in:

• Assertiveness

• ‘Getting your message across’ – a writing skills course

• ‘Putting your customer first’

• Building effective teams.


The design and implementation of a 360 Degree Feedback process for Medical Doctors.

Design and facilitation of various Teambuilding initiatives for the Occupational Health team


We designed and ran a series of workshops for various departments within Alitalia. These workshops covered Appraisal Skills, People Management, Leadership, and Time Management

Nortel Networks Limited

We provided trainers/facilitators for a number of core corporate programmes, which were delivered across Europe.

We also designed and delivered ‘one off’ interventions, for example a Customer Service programme for 350 staff including the provision of distance learning materials and coaching packs.

Executive Coaching for Vice Presidents in Presentation Skills has been another facet of our work within Nortel.

Eicon Technology

For this hi-tech computer company we provided a series of training workshops across Europe. These included Customer Care, Strategic Selling, Maximising business over the Telephone, Presentation Skills, Selection Skills and Leadership.


We ran two workshops for the Executive Team and supported their development with a coaching initiative.

We delivered a Leadership’ programme for 140 staff spanning the corporate structure. This programme focused on Leadership, Motivation and Coaching Skills.

We ran a series of Teambuilding Workshops for Shift Teams.

We designed and produced materials for a workshop for Acting Team Leaders and trained their Line Managers in the delivery of the Workshop

Global Crossing

We designed and delivered their ‘Masterclass in Management’ series. We were involved in a variety of interventions including Workshops, Distance Learning and Executive Coaching.

Lucent Technology

We ran a series of workshops covering Presentation Skills (both intermediate and advanced), Negotiation, Influencing and Assertiveness, Teambuilding and Problem Solving. These workshops were delivered throughout Europe.

Mobil Oil Limited

We trained the paramedics from the Mobil Oil and British Gas North Sea platforms in Counselling Skills and Stress Management.

We worked for Mobil Oil as Organisational Development Consultants for 18 months, facilitating a major change programme. We were involved in a training initiative with their Maintenance and Production Supervisors and Managers. This covered a complete range of management skills including Listening, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Management of Change, Teamwork, Persuasion, Counselling and Appraisal

British Airways

Our work with British Airways centered on Teambuilding Workshops for Managers, Coordinators, Executives and their Sales Team

We ran a Cargo Shift Supervisors Training Programme which was a 9 day programme for 140 supervisors. Other areas covered for BA have been Managing Working Relationships, Presentation Skills, Interpersonal Skills for Operational Trainees and Customer Care Skills for Support Staff.


We designed and produced all training materials including flipcharts, posters, workbooks and training manuals for a Customer Care initiative for 8,500 staff that also included training the Homebase training team on content and delivery for the training initiative.

The provision of Train the Trainer workshops

British Nuclear Fuels

We worked with BNFL for many years providing up to 500 training days per annum.

We designed and presented a number of BNFL company training courses in Fact Finding, Internal Customer Care, Influencing and Persuading, Middle Management Interpersonal Skills, Interpersonal Skills for Foremen and Supervisors, Counselling Skills and Building a Positive Image. We trained a number of BNFL company trainers in the behaviour analysis technique and group facilitation skills.

Grand Metropolitan Brewing Ltd

We were involved in designing and implementing a training programme for Regional Directors and Senior Managers in the skills of Selection, Persuasion and Negotiation.

UniRoyal Chemical

We delivered workshops in Team Building and Enhancing Personal Effectiveness


We designed and produced all material for a series of workshops on internal customer care.


Projects have also been undertaken for:

Shell UK

GEC Marconi

British Gas

Air France


Cathay Pacific


Fitch Ratings

Molins Ltd.

John Charcol




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